Mr. Cool

Alan Goldberg

A number of years ago Jim had a delightful photo session with five Siberian husky puppies. This one, in particular, would strike amusing poses, so Jim had a lot of fun capitalizing on his attitude. The puppy tolerated the sunglasses for just a couple of seconds, but he was able to get this shot of him reclining on the bench looking like Mr. Cool. The terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is behind a hotel in Salobrena, Spain, and the cat Jim had also photographed in Spain. All three of these elements were photographed with film, and each 6x7cm transparency was scanned by a high-end scanner in order for him to do the Photoshop compositing. It's interesting to note that Jim put this together with Photoshop 3 in the mid-90's -- before layers, before Topaz Remask, and with non-raw files.

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