About Us

Meet world-renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman.  Photographer extraordinaire and world traveler, who travels to the far reaches of the world to capture the most stunning photographs.  For the first time, he is offering his works on canvas to those who follow his work as well as to those who collect art.Jim has a unique eye for creatively visualizing an image and turning it into fine art with photo exhibitions found throughout the country, including in such famous art galleries in Palm Springs, Delray Beach, Detroit, and Los Angeles.  Additionally, Jim has scores of his art prints hanging in a multitude of art collections throughout the world.

Incredibly, not only has this extraordinary talented artisan presented us with photographs consisting of such spectacular beauty, but his passion has been to impart his methods and style to others interested in learning his art.  This has led to Jim to not only teaching creative photography at many universities and private schools, including UCLA, the Hallmark School of Photography, the Palm Beach Photographic Center, and Kent State University; but also, to leading international photo excursions to many exotic destinations.  These destinations include over 90 countries such as Namibia, Morocco, Indonesia, Patagonia, France, the Balkans, Iceland, and Brazil.

Jim has been a contributing editor to Photographic Magazine for four decades.  His images, articles and photo features have been published in scores of books and magazines, including Time-Life Books, publications of the National Geographic Society, Outdoor Photographer, Life Magazine, Omni Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Shutterbug, Science Fiction Age, and National Wildlife.  He is the author of 15 books in print and 10 ebooks on photography, and he teaches on-line courses on photography.

His work has been used for packaging, advertising and editorial layouts in more than forty countries, and his work has been sold as fine art prints in Ikea and in hundreds of other retail outlets.