Rearing Horse Fantansy with Storm and Water

John Harrison

We did we choose this blog post to be our first?  Since we are featuring horses this month we thought it would prove interesting.

Jim Zuckerman loves getting a perfect shot of an animal (or anything else) in-camera, but after that his mind quickly goes to the artistic possibilities involving Photoshop. Jim has been that way since the beginning of his career.

For so many years, photographers were limited to techniques in the darkroom to add artistry to their photographs, but now the sky's the limit. Pretty much anything you can imagine can be done digitally and this is a very exciting time to be a photographer. With this rearing horse, Jim photographed on one of his photo tours to capture the beautiful white horses of the Camargue in southern France, he made a careful selection around it with the pen tool (working at 400%) and then added a stormy sky and a reflection using the plug-in Flood (made by  The stunning effect shows what can be done digitally!

The next tour Jim is doing to the Camargue is in April, 2018.


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