A Gargoyle at Notre Dame and Sacre Coeur Overlooks Paris, France 16228

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The infamous spitting gargoyle who has been sitting in the same position since the nineteenth century when it was added to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, picture that can be ordered as a rolled canvas, mounted canvas on a thin gallery wrap .75" thick or the larger mount, which is our thick gallery wrap mount at 1.5" thick!Of course our logo will be removed when printed.  

Perched high on top of the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral, ornamental stone statues known as gargoyles peer over the Paris landscape.  While some appear to laugh, another one spits, others may look bored, feed on prey, or grimace, what would they tell us if they could speak since they have been witnesses to much of French history? Achitect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc’s ambitiously restored the Notre Dame Cathedral from 1843 to 1864, during which time the gargoyles were designed, sculpted, and installed by the little-known Victor Pyanet,

We can do custom orders for larger sizes if requested.  We will quote you a price if you email us at info@wyldlight.com

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