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A print of the Brugge-Zeebrugge Canal, Belgium picture that can be ordered as a rolled canvas, mounted canvas on a thin gallery wrap .75" thick or the larger mount, which is our thick gallery wrap mount at 1.5" thick!  Of course our logo will be removed when printed.  

Brugge’s intricate network of canals has led many to describe the city as the Venice of the North.  Brugge remained a sleepy medieval town until the construction of the port of Zeebrugge and the cutting of a connecting canal (opened 1907) revived trade and stimulated industry and tourism.  Today the canal is more of a picturesque sleepy canal!

Long exposures with water are intriguing.  This a picture Jim took with a 15 second exposure. Look at how smooth and glass-like the canal is.  Now Jim carries with him an 8-f/stop neural density filter so if it's not dark enough to use a long exposure, the ND filter allows him to extend the exposure time.  He also had to lower the ISO to 100 and his aperture was f/22.

We can do custom orders for larger sizes if requested.  We will quote you a price if you email us at


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