John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Eastern Oregon 34077

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Sunrays break through the clouds at a John Day Fossil Beds National Monument setting in a picture that can be ordered as a rolled canvas, mounted canvas on a thin gallery wrap .75" thick or the larger mount, which is our thick gallery wrap mount at 1.5" thick!  Of course our logo will be removed when printed. 

In eastern Oregon there is a very unique park for landscape photography. It's called John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. The land forms and the unusual colors of the minerals that make up the dirt are amazing. To embellish this alien-like landscape, Jim added an ultra-dramatic sky in Photoshop (this is why you need to learn Photoshop instead of relying on Lightroom for post-processing -- LR is too limited). Jim photographed these very angry clouds from his home the morning TN had a Biblical flood in Nashville, Tennessee in 2010, and then he added the rays of light..

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