Close Encounters

Alan Goldberg

This is one of the amazing frog species that made an appearance at Jim's frog and reptile workshop in St. Louis. It is a crowned tree frog from Honduras. To take this frame-filling shot, Jim used a 50mm macro lens with one extension tube between the lens and the camera body. This increased magnification, but at the same time, there was a negative correlation between magnification and depth of field. As one increases, the other decreases. Therefore, he had to use the smallest aperture available -- f/32 -- to gain as much DOF as possible. There is too much intriguing detail in these small creatures, and Jim wanted to reveal as much of it as possible with tack sharp clarity. For the lighting, he used a Canon ringflash because of the way the light wrapped around the small subjects. In addition, the diffused light from this type of flash simulates overcast conditions outdoors, and in his opinion that is the ideal type of lighting for macro work. 

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