Poetry in Motion

Alan Goldberg

This is an African white pelican in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya. Jim rarely likes blurred pictures of birds in flight, but he experimented at the lake hoping to get something artistically pleasing. What is particularly interesting about this picture is that the pelican was flying past tens of thousands of pink flamingos. That's what comprises the colorful abstract background, and that's why he tried a different kind of technique here. Jim lowered the ISO to 100 and closed the lens down to f/18 in order to end up with a shutter speed slow enough to create this kind of blur. The shutter speed was 1/25th of a second, and the lens he used was the Canon 500mm f/4 with a 1.4x teleconveter, giving him 700mm of focal length. This picture is uncropped. Jim used a tripod with a Wimberly gimbal head to manage the weight of the large lens.

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