Siberian Husky Pups

Alan Goldberg

Jim had the opportunity to photograph 7-week old Siberian husky puppies this past weekend. It was so much fun. He'd never had puppies who were so cooperative. Sure, they squirmed around a bit, but mostly they would stay where they posed them. It takes 2 or 3 helpers to arrange the dogs, push them together, and if one of them is hidden by another, that has to be fixed. To make it easy (and because Jim was lazy and didn't want to st up an indoor studio), he photographed them on his 'puppy bench' that I bought for $50 in Indonesia. Jim placed the bench on his patio table and set up a black background behind them -- just a piece of black fabric clamped to two light stands. He shot at f/11 to make sure he had enough depth of field because dogs have depth. Some breeds, like huskies, have faces where the nose protrudes several inches from the eyes. Since he didn't want to have sharp eyes and a blurred nose (or vice versa), he used a medium-small aperture. The ISO was 640, and the shutter speed was 1/640. Jim used a 100-400 mm Canon zoom and stood back about 6 feet from the set. All of these puppies had the most amazing blue eyes!

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